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רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות

Audits and

Since its establishment, Romano Blanga & Co. has handled hundreds of companies and nonprofit organizations active in a variety of sectors in the Israeli economy, in all aspects of financial statement audits and representation before the Tax Authority.
We specialize in assisting high-net-worth individuals and privately held companies.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות

Tax consulting

The firm specializes in tax advisory services concerning all aspects of tax payments in Israel – corporate and self-employed individuals, controlling shareholder taxation (in private and public companies), intergenerational transmission, new immigrants and returning residents, foreign income, residency for tax purposes, etc.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות

due diligence

Romano Blanga & Co. specializes in valuations of companies of all sizes.
The firm works with leading financial services companies in Israel such as Altshuler Shaham Investment House, Phoenix Investments and Finance and Clal Industries, provides economic opinions to the courts and advises the Government Companies Authority on privatization, and has performed, among others, valuations of the Haifa Port Company and Israel Postal Company.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות

Liquidations and
recovery programs

Romano Blanga & Co. works in collaboration with leading Israeli law firms engaged in liquidations and creditor compositions. We specialize in economic and accounting analysis of financially distressed companies and in planning and crafting recovery plans.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות


The wealth of experience acquired by the partners in Romano Blanga & Co. in all financial and economic spheres in Israel over the course of decades permits the court to propose their service as arbitrators in complex arbitration proceedings that require a broad, comprehensive perspective that is backed by legal and accounting knowledge as well as sensitivity and strong interpersonal skills.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - תחומי התמחות


Romano Blanga & Co. has a strong M&A practice and extensive experience in leading the processes involved, providing our clients with unique advantages in all professional and tax aspects of M&A transactions between companies and in leading the negotiations involved in the process.

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ראול ולנברג 24, מגדלי זיו, בניין D,
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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

24 Raoul Wallenberg St., Ziv Towers, Building D,
Ramat Ha’hahayal, Tel Aviv 6971924
Tel: 03-6442277
Fax: 03-6443113
Email: office@brc-cpa.co.il

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