Romano Blanga

Other activities:

Has provided voluntary professional services to the Association for Mental Health Research (Gye Nyame Mobile Clinics) in Ghana, West Africa, since 2007. Has provided voluntary services to the Israel Rett Syndrome Association since its establishment. Member of the executive boards of various nonprofit organizations in the worlds of culture. Master’s student at the Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology.

Moshe (Shaka) Romano, CPA

Co-owner and Founder

Certified accountant, graduate of the Academic College of Tel Aviv – Jaffa in Business Administration with a major in Finance, 1995.
Graduate of the Corporate Recovery and Liquidation Program, Tel Aviv University and the ICPAI, 2003.
Graduate of diploma studies on Financial Accounting Standardization and Implications of the Transition to IFRS.
Accounting treatment for corporations and individuals in all sectors of the economy in Israel and other countries, with specialization in the oil and gas and transportation sectors as well as in companies active in the hi-tech industry.
Highly experienced in providing business and financial support and assistance to corporations and controlling shareholders in a range of activities, with focus on negotiating M&A deals and on private placements, crafting strategy and leading negotiations through to the closing.
Performance of financial statement audits for energy, industrial, real estate, venture capital, commercial and service companies.
Specialization in business arbitrations and provision of professional opinions on behalf of and for the courts.
Service as a company liquidator, overseeing court-supervised liquidation proceedings and the implementation of business recovery programs.
Founder of a real estate firm in the U.S.
Partner in the GP of a real estate fund that invests in Europe.

רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - מייסדים

Other activities:

Shareholder of Freedom Farm Sanctuary, whose mission is to save animals from industry, educate people to increase compassion toward animals, recognition of their rights, and sustainability.
Member of the audit committee of Kishorit, a nonprofit organization that runs a village for special needs adults in the Upper Galilee.
Member of the board of Keshet Eilon Music Center on Kibbutz Eilon in the Western Galilee, which cultivates talented young string musicians, leading them to excellence.


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We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Ramat Ha’hahayal, Tel Aviv 6971924
Tel: 03-6442277
Fax: 03-6443113
Email: office@brc-cpa.co.il

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