רומנו בלנגה רואי חשבון - עמוד הבית

We maintain close relationships with our clients and are always attentive to their needs. Our considerable experience in integrating the tools and means we place at their disposal, with the collaboration of relevant experts on every subject, in Israel and other countries, ensure that our clients make the right decisions in the management of their businesses.

Our services are of the highest professional level, guided by integrity and fairness, with respect for the dignity of all persons and for the world at large.

צור קשר

נשמח לתת מענה לכל שאלה

ראול ולנברג 24, מגדלי זיו, בניין D,
רמת החייל, תל אביב 6971924
טלפון: 03-6442277
פקס: 03-6443113
דוא"ל: office@brc-cpa.co.il


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

24 Raoul Wallenberg St., Ziv Towers, Building D,
Ramat Ha’hahayal, Tel Aviv 6971924
Tel: 03-6442277
Fax: 03-6443113
Email: office@brc-cpa.co.il

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